jueves, julio 06, 2017


"The universe is a mental creation sustained in the mind of the ALL."
                                                                                                                    HERMES TRISMEGISTO

I do not know about you but I must confess that I wanted to cheat the universe, it was something that I had tried to put aside a long time ago, I have not led an exemplary life, I do not qualify as a saint or martyr, although I have suffered some crashes in my cut Life, scrapes that sometimes leave scars that from time to time hurt due to the cold of the wind that does not always blow in favor.

I wonder how many of the people who read this text had the experience of reading Spanish decks or Tarot, I can deduce that with every good omen your face was illuminated, but with every bad news or bad omen, your soul suffered from anxiety, I know what that is, there are those who say that if they tell you it is for you to avoid them, others who say that it is inevitable, many more think that you are being programmed to happen and that because, in most cases You forget it, you unconsciously make it happen what the letters predict.

Although in the past I agreed to read letters today I can say that I do not like, not even horoscopes, I do not like to hear things that I feel are of little help to me, however I recently had a series of conversations with whom Thinks that it is possible to change the course of destiny, because according to that person, the whole secret is in the stars, in astrology.

There are supposed to be a series of rules governing the universe, I do not know who wrote them, because I do not talk about theological issues, but it is assumed that depending on the position of the stars on the day we were born, Life, the first disagreement on my part, because I think that's when the famous destiny comes into play, and there are people who say that fate can not be changed, although perhaps it is in our human nature to want to change it all the time, knowingly That we are denying possibly divine plans, but for which they did not consult us.

What would they think if I told them that there were supposed to be ways to fool fate, to eliminate bad spells, to get the fullness of things, and why not, to be an enlightened one, is not an easy path, Digest, but it says the legend that works, they have to decipher the universe, know how it works, learn all its laws, its postulates, the bad thing is that it is a very long and complicated road.

Without wanting to offend anyone or make them doubt anything, I would like you to read The Kybalion, a book which according to the authors, the initiates, contains the 7 Hermetic Principles, as Hermes Trismegistus enunciated them, a wise man according to the Egyptians Lived 300 years, and like the Greeks, raised it to the plane of divinity, for those who want to discover the secrets of the universe reading their postulates is obligatory, although I dare to say that more than one will be disappointed almost instantly, But what you have to say is interesting.

In order not to bore them too much I will share one of the seven principles of Hermes, with which we are supposed to change things in our favor, I mean the Rhythm Principle, according to this principle the things that happen in the universe have a specific time, and If we can understand how it works we can use it to our advantage by making use of the circumstances in our favor and not being a victim of them, and you will ask; How do you achieve that? I do not know, I have not discovered it, and surely when I discover something, it will keep me silent and not share it, as surely someone, through so many centuries could have discovered it and took it with himself to Tomb.

They imagine, being able to cheat the universe, destiny, luck, would be interesting, if that would be cheating is in doubt, because according to Hermes and its Principle of Polarity good is bad, what bad is good, above is Down as well as below is above, and when you come to realize you're talking like Yoda and with an unbearable headache, fortunately all this has an explanation according to Hermes, because "only when the ear is able to hear, then the lips will come To fill them with wisdom, "that is to say only when we are willing to see beyond the obvious, when we have reached a certain capacity to read the messages of this false reality between lines, I do not speak of the Matrix, then we will understand everything else.

I see the perfectionists criticizing this to hack the destiny, they say that one puts to work, that stops thinking negative things, that the sleeve of the dead, etc., they do not know if their stars lined up of more positive way and for That reason is better, however I agree that you have to fuck him every day to get something in life and that we should not sit waiting for the luck to swing a little and touch us, but neither can deny that who could be avoided Obstacles and bad times in life would hardly waste the opportunity.

martes, julio 04, 2017


 "Si se viola el régimen (dormir entre las 9:00 pm y 8:00 am) la mente se vuelve más accesible a la acción".

-Philipp Budeikin
creador y promotor del fatídico reto conocido como La Ballena Azul.

En esta entrega, para el programa de radio La Alcoba, les platico sobre las similitudes que ami parecer existen entre las viejas prácticas usadas durante la guerra fría para controlar la mente humana y el como estas se asemejan a las usadas por el creador de los retos de la ballena azul para conseguir víctimas. Puedes escuchar La Alcoba por @radio en el 99.1 FM de Villahermosa Tabasco de Lun a Vie de 22:00 a 23:00 hrs y sábados a las 18:00 hrs., y en línea por http://www.arroba.fm/VILLAHERMOSA/


En esta entrega, para el programa de radio  La Alcoba, les platico sobre las prácticas de espionaje del gobierno mexicano hacia activistas y periodistas así como las repercusiones de estas acciones que vulneran la libertad de expresión en México. Puedes escuchar La Alcoba por @radio en el 99.1 FM de Villahermosa Tabasco de Lun a Vie de 22:00 a 23:00 hrs y sábados a las 18:00 hrs., y en línea por http://www.arroba.fm/VILLAHERMOSA/